The Key to a Successful Career Being a Mum…..?

‘Marry Well’. That’s what Sheryl Sandberg and Helena Morrissey have told us, and quite frankly, I agree.

Before being a Mum, I must admit, this didn’t really enter into my mind. I previously married someone who clearly wasn’t right for me (i.e.  my ex-husband), untrustworthy, and certainly not a role model that I would want for my children.  But, what did it teach me?  Actually as you mature, and hopefully your career progresses, having the support of people around you, especially when you have children, is key.

Time management has never been as critical as it is now. I squeeze as much into a day as I possibly can.  The day starts at 5am with a run, and finishes at around 10pm as I literally fall into bed.

I made a conscious decision when I fell pregnant that I wanted to be a really active Mum, to be there for them, help them grow and ensure I was there to pick up from nursery a few times a week.

The reality was; time pressured, feeling I wasn’t doing anything well enough, and putting an immense amount of emotional pressure on myself, ‘I’m a terrible Mum for working’, ‘I need to be able to provide a good example for my children’.

Enough. Something had to change.

I’ve known my husband for longer than I haven’t. From being young 18 year olds, he knows what drives me, how my brain ticks and I hate to say it, how to ‘manage me’!

With 2 children, I realise how I actually now feel; calm. Able to manage my career (as best I can), feel like I am a present Mum and hopefully a good friend, daughter and wife.  It’s all down to the person I married.

We support each other, we both make sacrifices, and never hold it against each other. The greater goal is what is right for the family, not what is right for the individual.

So, the key to a successful career being a Mum, definitely marry well!