Mind the gap….?

So, there has been so much conversation regarding #metoo, that it got me thinking about my own experiences…..have I ever been knowingly overlooked for a role because I was a women, have my views been overtaken by a man in a meeting, have I just been viewed as a dumb blonde?

The answer is, maybe but how much of it have I been made aware of?

I do remember being in a meeting where 2 of the men entered the room and asked me to make them a cup of coffee (I was young and naïve), assuming I was the catering staff. What did I do, well of course I made them one swearing and cursing under my breath.  I then sat at the table, taking notes on the meeting so I can recall all the actions that needed to be done.  Another school girl error.  I should have #leanin.

I went home that day and thought about what I could do differently.  Was there a reason why he put me in that position, or should I have been more assertive?

So, I have always been a girly girl (although my best friend is actually a guy). I really enjoy female company and love nothing more than have a few glasses of wine laughing about life, past, present and future.

Before children I didn’t really think about the power of a team, and how working together can actually create more impact than a lone individual.

It’s a known fact that when women go for a job they see everything they can’t do, whilst men, you got it, see everything they can. Why do we need to be 100% perfect to be right for that promotion?

Post having children, it made me recognize the joy I get from helping others in their careers. Getting them to realise their potential, think about their future career paths, and yes, push for that salary increase.  I want to advocate women, be part of the ‘sisterhood’ and mentor and grow girls and women to achieve their full potential.

So it got me thinking, if we all did this in our own small way, what would be the difference in the workplace? Would we have the confidence to direct men to where the coffee cups are?!!

So, no matter how much of a small part I can play, I will never say no to someone who approaches me for career help, whether that be a quick coffee conversation, or mentoring. I make that my personal commitment to the sisterhood!!

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