First blog post

So why another blog about women in the workplace………?

Since I become an ‘official’ working woman 20 years ago, I can’t think of a single event in my life that has changed my outlook on women in the workplace as much as having children did.

As a Mum of 2 small children, I still congratulate myself each morning, getting out of the door and on the train, without one of the following happening; a) make-up all over my face, b) milk or biscuits over my suit, c) a body part on display!!!

I will be honest, prior to having children, I felt I was a very different woman, focused on the ‘I’. How was ‘I’ going to get ahead, how could ‘I’ get that promotion, and what did ‘I’ need to do to be the best.

Since having 2 small children, its forced me to look at things differently. Patience, calmness and understanding are key with children, so why not with adults?!

This blog is set to share some stories, both serious and hopefully funny, about what I’ve learnt to become a better colleague, leader, wife, Mum and friend.

I will share all the unspoken things we may think but not say, ‘I was actually really excited to go back to work after having children’, sshh, and hopefully provide a perspective on what supporting your fellow women actually means.

Join me each week to hear my thoughts and views, and if you like it, please comment.

5 thoughts on “First blog post

    1. This is such a brilliant idea Anouska! Fortunate enough to be your colleague and friend as well as a fellow mother, I can categorically state that THIS is a blog which I can’t wait for! Thank you in advance!


  1. Yaaay Anouska!!!! This is a great idea.. best thing about working now is drinking a coffe, to the end, whilst it’s still HOT!!! 🙌🏽 xxx


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